Why does every Sales need to understand Sales Operations?

Anthony Cheung
3 min readMar 7, 2022

Sales Operations are often underestimated due to their paperwork nature

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I know Sales Operations usually sounds like piled up and tons of meaningless paperwork for filling in. Most people think of Sales are always out in the field hunting and doing all different kinds of fancy works. Taking clients to dinner, striking a bargain on the phone or partying all the time. In fact, that's my first impression of being a sales, enjoying all the perks that Sales has.

In my understanding that 8 of 10 Sales hated doing Sales operation works (Paperworks). That's mostly because usually when we are putting time in the paperwork, it means the deal has already been struck. In other words, it's like filing a report on a deal that is already closed.

Sale’s operation is boring!

Why Sales Operation?

That basically all the hypes and excitements passed. Filing the paperwork is essentially the meaning of filing for the commission. Some companies that would even require a detailed written version of how does this lead happens to it turn into an actual deal. Corporates like AWS require the Sales (B2B) to file a complete report based on the lead changes in its deal stage. It sounds tedious (I know) but if you think about it. What does it…



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