What on Earth exactly are Sales doing in this modern world?

What’s the point of doing ____ when you can just Google everything?

Anthony Cheung


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I always come up with the question

“What is the value exactly a Sales offering to the customer when everything you can just google the answer?”

Or Better yet

“Everyone knows Sales get his payday from skimming off the customer, why on Earth people will still want to listen to Sales?”

One Day, I come up with this question to Louis (My team head back in the day). Louis told me a simple answer, “Personalisation”. What we are pitching or selling, is tailormade and customized for the customer. Because we understand so well of the product (Or Sales should be), we know the details and the limits of the product itself. And better yet, we can build a solution based on the pain point the client has. Thus our sales deck, as personalized as it is, it has some values. That's our efforts and pull research into a pitch!

After closing this conversation, my brain took a long journey thinking of what I have been doing when I am google the answer. How to build a PC? Follow these steps! Not sure certain info is talking about? Google further!

I am sure everyone here at least experienced this research practice here and there. What exactly we are doing is to customize our findings into the one single conclusion that is what we are looking for. Thus, it's Personalisation!

In the World nowadays that everything is searchable and Google-able, we are not facing the problem of information scarcity, we are in fact facing the problem of information over-abundance! Remember, in this World,

everyone is busy!

Time is the essence and yet there is always work that needs to be done. Therefore, what if there is someone who knows you well and is able to present the solution to your problem(s), isn’t that worth something?

And that is exactly what a sales in an essence should be doing! We are here to solve your problem! Or even better, the future anticipated problem! People often find it difficult in selling is either not having the mindset or just not having much faith in/her own finding. I…



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