What does it means (and takes) to be a Digital Bank?

Digital Bank has always been a buzzword nowadays. What does it actually mean?

Anthony Cheung
6 min readMay 20, 2022


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We heard of Digital Bank and how transformative it is every day and then.

But do we ever wonder about the major differentiating point between Traditional Bank?

How does it change the landscape of banking and finance?

It comes to a breakdown of,

  1. What’s the problem with Traditional Bank?
  2. Digital Bank vs Traditional Bank
  3. How does Digital Bank impacts the world NOW and moving forward

What’s the problem with Traditional Bank?

Have you ever tried to queue up in a bank branch for 3+ hours? I believe I am definitely not the only one who anticipates this matter.

It always intrigues me “What makes it so long for such a simple task?!”

The traditional bank anticipates the problem of “Do it all”

Traditional bank services usually come in a wide range.

From standard banking services to finance and even further, insurance. It is understandable whenever we anticipate one of the problems among the services. We then call the hotline or queuing up in the branch office for resolution.

I call this a “Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳)” problem. Traditional banks with a long series of history, it has transformed into something monstrous. It provides all sorts of services with historic decisions.

That makes me wonder, what does it take to be a retail bank’s receptionist, seems the person needs to be all-knowing for managing all different customers’ expectations.

What contributes to discovering the definition of “Digital Bank”?

With the causation of traditional banks’ complex structure. Our nowadays technologies have unlocked key elements and mature adaptions of clouds.



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