Is Agile always the answer to effective project management?

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Anthony Cheung
3 min readMay 9, 2022


Everywhere I go, I hear the term “Agile” being mentioned more than ever.

Everywhere I go, I hear the term “Agile” being mentioned more than ever.

Is “Agile” overrated? Perhaps.

Internet Exploded

As the Internet exploded, information becomes easier than ever to access. This has changed how we tackle problems.

In the old days, we have less “noise”. We often make a more decisive approach to a problem.

Thanks to the easily accessible reviews and opinions. We are offered multiple spectrums and things are no longer as simple as we could imagine on our own.

We become more “picky” than ever.

We are more demanding than ever

As we can self-service to find the “Best Practice” and “Good Practice” on the Internet.

We shift our human efforts to try to resolve questions like “Complex Questions” or even “Chaotic Questions”

The problem we need professional help with are those required “Probe, Sense and Respond”. The question is unclear and there is little context to it. Thus, we require experimenting, analyzing the result and responding if it is on the right track or not.

It sounds exactly the same as Agile Methodology core’s value proposition. Being agile means we are flexible.

We are able to change our courses anytime with a minimal cost.

Flexible is always good, isn’t it?

Putting time and effort into retrospective sessions. It often gives us sense of purpose and meaning.

What if the problem we are trying to tackle is rather about effectiveness?

Think of a scenario like a factory. If we emphasise “Reuse the works we have done before and make it more efficient”.



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