Introduction to the story — Prelude

Anthony Cheung
2 min readFeb 23, 2022
Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

This is a journey to myself and to the others who are interested in IT Partner Industry.

It all starts from I graduated and worked for a while in the US (1 Year here) and China (1 Year in HangZhou to whom is interested), then decided to move to HK and start my “official” career.

Back in the day, I was still as fresh as a graduate who has no insight or whatnot in the IT…

How I meet my first “Big” customer

What on Earth exactly are Sales doing in this modern world?

First Meeting — A foundation to my Sales’ journey

Getting Started — the First Day of Work

Interview (2) — The Actual Interview

Interview (1) — The Novice Phone Interview

Anthony Cheung

I write about personal experiences, rides and bumps throughout my career life. — while inspiring others of empathy and work ethics