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Anthony Cheung
2 min readFeb 23, 2022
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This is a journey to myself and to the others who are interested in IT Partner Industry.

It all starts from I graduated and worked for a while in the US (1 Year here) and China (1 Year in HangZhou to whom is interested), then decided to move to HK and start my “official” career.

Back in the day, I was still as fresh as a graduate who has no insight or whatnot in the IT industry. I have a great fantasy on Big Corporate names like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and so forth. I would be counting into these big brand names as my dream jobs and people there would be talented and eccentric just as I imagined.

With the reality, I faced in my job landed in a local HK IT Partner Company, it also crumbles down and gave me the opportunity to face the truth of what the actual industry landscape looks like.

I invite you, to my journey of being a novice to an advocate into a local tech company. That gives you solid groundings, tears off all the dressings/fantasies you faced in Linkedin or Alumni.

A little background of myself,

I studied in the US (One of the well-known party and spoiled schools in LA) in Computer Engineering and Computer Science

I worked 1 Year after graduation in Irvine at my That-time dream job (As I was a heavy gamer back in study time)

I worked 1 Year after the previous job in Hangzhou as pursuing my startup dream with my buddy met in the University

I start my actual comfortable job in HK thereafter starting on 2018–8–8.

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