From Agency to Corporate. What has changed?

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ― Winston Churchill

Anthony Cheung


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Transitioning into something new is not always as welcoming as we thought. There is a saying “The grass on the other side is always green”. And yet here I am, barely managing in almost hitting the 3rd-month mark of my new job.

Expanding your horizon

The journey has been quite mind-blowing to me, a couple of keynotes to myself are.

  1. Getting the “standard treatment” at work
  2. The stakes are higher and it’s another level!

Getting the “standard treatment” at work

The main reason for switching to this job is because of the payroll. It goes as simple as “Works for money instead of works for the experience”. And with that, the expectation for me stands higher as well.

In my past jobs, I was always “outstanding” and in the spotlight. It’s because I am committed to getting the job done and have shown dedication. With this job, people expect no less and expect me to be able to adapt and perform in a timely manner.

My manager hires me because of my previous job experiences and skillsets. It happens I am the right person for the right job. We are here to work and not to be any work buddies or friends.

I used to work at agencies where there is a strong team's common goal

Agencies life: “is to get things done”.

It is straightforward, “working towards the goal and bringing the result to the table.” Along the way, you might make a few enemies but all it matters it’s you get the jobs done.

And now as I am working in a corporate, the common goal

Corporate life: “is to get things done right”.

It might sound the same but when you look closer, there is a huge difference.

Corporate life is all about getting everyone aligned and under the same expectation. “Ensuring no surprises from anyone while working towards the goal”. That is also why usually with corporates there are much more paper works on reporting. It serves the purpose of reporting the…



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