First Meeting — A foundation to my Sales’ journey

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Anthony Cheung
4 min readMar 3, 2022


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It took me awhile from a few days of work until my first meeting. It was an on-site meeting and I was well informed to greet their IT team as well as their CIO. I asked if there was anything I need to prepare before going into the meeting, my team head just simply told me to watch and learn from him and Bo (The account manager). So I pulled myself together and went with them.

The company we were heading over was one of the well-known media companies in Hong Kong. We were arranged to wait for their team in a spatial meeting room (Observably that could contain 30+ people). I was sitting there and holding on to the water cup as a straw to calm my nerves.

There was a business card exchange section and I noticed everyone else is holding a name card holder as there were a lot of name cards to collect. It was! The people just kept coming! I lost count on how many people I greeted that day but certainly, the name cards filled up my pocket.

While I was still managing to put the name cards properly on the table, Bo, (the account manager) greeted everyone one by one, calling their names and asking different project status/ongoing what's happening in their fields respectively. I was amazed by how did he manage to do all that?

The main meeting agenda was to discuss the upcoming GSuite renewal and as well as announcing Bo is moving on to his next job. He, therefore, introduced my team head and me that we would be taking care of them hand-in-hand.

After the meeting, my team head briefed me the reason why the whole IT team greeted us is that everyone respects Bo. Essentially, everyone in the room has either been helped or worked with Bo. Even though Bo was just a sales and didn't work over there, most of the people there treated him just like he worked there. Sharing project status and checking-in. As everyone was informed he’s moving forward to his next job, they all came along as a farewell to Bo.

This was one of the most amazing things I experienced throughout my sales life. And thus, I simply ask, “How did he accomplish this?” My team head…



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