A Hybrid idea for an unconventional scenario

The 1+1 = 3 equation is always about the X-Factor

Anthony Cheung


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Recently I have been in touch with several companies to make better use of my skills. Two of them spark my interest as I believe I can get some improving results for them.

  1. A Service Marketplace
  2. IT Recruitment Company

With my discoveries on Linkedin Marketing and Medium. I believe they can be intercrossed and created a synergy that I am the one facilitating.


Recently with Hong Kong’s social unrest (Starting in 2019), there have been a lot of emigrating movements. People lost hope in the future of Hong Kong and it incites the idea of,

  1. Moving away from Hong Kong
  2. Work the future outside of Hong Kong

Some of my closest friends are either planning or already migrated elsewhere in the World. It’s painful to make the departure but yet, it's understandable the why and what causes this.

A common note is,

I don’t want to build connections/establishments in Hong Kong as I am planning and NOT looking forward to HK’s future

Thus, they would rather work in a western culture workspace instead of HK’s.

User Group

I vaguely identified two groups of personas in this huge crowd,

  1. The ones who are capable and accepted to work with global IT companies.
  2. The ones who have this desire but are given various limitations (e.g. Finance, Language, Soft Skills) that they are either incapable or unaccepted to work with global IT companies.


As I previously worked in a local IT company, I can see the struggle locals dealing with the western style of workstyle and culture.

People are struggling from the basic to advance (Soft Skills),

  1. Language barrier (English as the communication language)
  2. Work Culture (Being more proactive rather than working as commanded)
  3. Structured (Fewer Politics…



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